Your Happiest Holidays

a guide to a simplified holiday for moms pursuing less

Are you sick of being stressed every year when the holidays roll around?

I was too. That's why I created Your Happiest Holidays.

This short video course will help you get intentional, simplify, and pursue LESS this holiday season by teaching you:

  • How to create a holiday mission statement
  • How to decorate your home while pursuing less this holiday season
  • How to encourage your spouse to engage in a more minimal holiday mindset
  • How to transition your kids to a simpler holiday
  • How to make new traditions
  • How to buy and receive presents with a simpler mindset
  • What do do when the holidays are over

Your Instructor

Allie Casazza
Allie Casazza

Allie Casazza is the host of The Purpose Show - a top-rated podcast - and the creator of online courses that have earned her international attention for her fresh, practical lifestyle strategies for moms.

Known as 'The Life Minimalist', she encourages and inspires women to pursue abundant life by creating space for what matters most.

Allie and her husband, Brian, live with their four young children in Southern California.

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